Belfort Capital Corp. was established by George H. Peterson in 1992 after a career in corporate banking, investment banking and corporate operating and financial management. 

The company was formed to provide personalized strategic & financial consulting, M&A and capital-raising services to companies with revenues or transactional needs of $10 to $50 million. Through a best-in-class practice using a network of experienced senior executives with specific expertise as/when required, Belfort Capital Corp. distinguishes itself by providing smaller companies with responsive, quality, senior-level capabilities normally afforded only to major corporations.

Belfort Capital undertakes the following types of engagements:
 Interim COO/CFO management- Belfort can provide experienced financial management during periods of significant corporate transition or when specific events require technical skills that are not already resident within the Company.  Such events include ownership/ management changes, acquisitions and their planning & integration, business restructuring or the preparation of SEC filings.
 Crisis Management/Restructuring Advisory-  Belfort assists a client’s Board and management to navigate complex turnarounds and restructurings by stabilizing relations and communications with involved parties, identifying and managing away from risks and focusing on liquidity to minimize disruption to the business. The engagement approach in this process is to enable client senior management to focus on the business while Belfort works on stabilizing the situation, developing strategies & initiatives and negotiating a solution.
 Strategic Management & Business Planning-  Belfort can assist management and the Board to identify key objectives and opportunities, determine the requisite business needs and develop the financial strategy to accomplish the goal.
 Mergers & Acquisitions- Belfort has initiated and completed transactions and joint ventures in diverse industries.  We are experienced in working with large and small companies on sale or corporate divestiture, advising clients on acquisition strategy, developing a valuation range, identifying potential buyers or sellers, the preparation of Confidential Information Memoranda and all selling documents, assisting in structuring a transaction and negotiating with the various parties, managing the due diligence process and in coordinating closing activities.
 Capital raising-  Belfort has undertaken equity private placement transactions from $5-25 million. As part of this exercise, additional mezzanine and senior financing has occasionally also been raised.  While today’s economic climate and capital markets make this activity significantly more difficult, given our unique perspective as a result of a diverse background, we can quickly determine whether financing should be available and, if so, the appropriate structure and likely pricing.